August 13, 2008

Sooner Than I Thought

As was declared in faith by a beloved kuya, the lost cellphone was indeed replaced. And God didn't make me wait too long. Three days after I announced my loss, someone approached me to say that I will be given one. Three days later, it was so. Even as I write this, I still want to pinch myself to make sure it wasn't a dream!

I knew the Lord would provide. But I didn't think it would come this soon! So this is what they meant by an honest-to-goodness timely provision! A friend called me by landline while waiting for his flight to place an order for books and he wanted to know how soon I could text him to confirm. I answered that I would have a cellphone before the week ended. A day later I sent him the much awaited text message using the new cellphone.

It feels great when God's timing is sooner than you think.

"A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul..." Proverbs 13:19

August 08, 2008

And Replaceth in His Time

When I lost my cellphone two days ago, I automatically entered the world of cellphone theft victims. I listened to officemates and friends relate their own stories of loss. A good part of each morning was spent before the computer answering email in response to my official announcement about deleting my number from their directories. Suddenly, the pocket directory notebook a friend gave me became useful!

One of the best replies I received was from a beloved kuya who repeated my quote of Job 1:20 KJV ("The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away...") with his own additional phrase in big-point size font: And Replaceth in His Time! That truly made my day!

For someone whose childhood didn't include computers, I didn't feel that bad. I knew I'd go through the hassle of reconstructing a directory and informing everyone again about my new number. But I'm in no hurry. I haven't even thought about the kind of unit I'd buy this time. But I'd definitely go modest in tune with the hard times. I've lived without one for more than half my life, a few days of silence and privacy won't do me harm.

Yes, the Lord will provide. That was my pat reply way back when everyone (except me) was buying a cellphone and enjoying the thrill of texting during its debut in the every man's world. And then my first cellphone came by means of a raffle prize. I upgraded it by selling the unit I won and adding a bit more to buy a more recent model.

I literally wore that unit out. When it fell apart, my boss accompanied me to a cellphone store and bought me a more high-tech one on company expense. He couldn't afford to have me cut off from precious contacts at that time. For almost six months (five months and 16 days to be exact), I reveled in its use.

It's reality check time. So far, so good. Lord, take Your time.

September 04, 2007

Joy is come with shouts of praise

It's been a while, huh? Here's some verses I wrote one night reflecting on God's work in my life.

Death before me laid sublime,
Its path I followed blindly.
Excruciating regret with no reprieve,
The wrath of God awaited me.

Until my Savior stopped my tracks!
Oh what undeserved mercy!
That He instead walked death's path
To make a sinner holy.

Lifted up for helpless man,
The Christ took a stead so lowly.
Indignation that was surely mine
He bore on the Cross of Calv'ry.

My soul, let tears flow
And bottle them up tightly.
May the majestic vision consume pride,
See that it never be taken lightly.

Yet sing, O heart! No longer be faint
For love shed so broadly,
The blood of the Perfect One
Atones for sins of many.

Yes, my Savior is alive,
Over death He comes in vict'ry!
My grave cannot keep him down,
Oh sorrow has made sweet symphony.

And joy is come with shouts of praise
For the Christ's tomb is empty.
Accepted! Oh, His sacrifice
He finished His work completely!

Boundless bliss in God's glory is mine,
I will wake to heaven's reveille.
Can it be that I am now a child?
Treasures in Christ now abound me.

Let the nations be quickened here and now!
Turn from sin-slavery!
The Just and Justifier has come
And dispenses grace so freely.

- July 9, 2007